Amy Adams

Filmography Amy Adams

Date of birth: 20/08/74 (46 years)
Maiden name: Amy Lou Adams
 Nationality: Italy

Redhead Amy Adams burst onto Hollywood's radar as Leonardo DiCaprio's fiancée in 2002's Catch Me If You Can, nabbed Oscar acclaim with the 2005 indie Junebug, and cashed-in at the box office as the half-animated Disney princess Giselle in 2007's Enchanted.  
Born in Italy and raised in Colorado, Adams won a small role in the 1999 beauty pageant spoof, Drop Dead Gorgeous, where costar Kirstie Alley encouraged the newbie to pursue acting in Hollywood. Since then, Adams, who has plans to marry actor Darren Le Gallo, earned her second Academy Award nomination for Doubt.

Filmography Amy Adams

Her - Comedy


March 2014
The Master - Drama

The Master

March 2013
Doubt - Drama


February 2009