Christian Bale

Filmography Christian Bale

Date of birth: 30/01/74 (47 years)
Family name: Christian Charles Philip Bale
 Nationality: United Kingdom

Christian Bale is a Screen Welsh-born English actor whose film credits include Empire of the Sun, American Psycho, Equilibrium, The Machinist, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Bale is known for his mastery of accents and harsh regimens of shedding and gaining weight (particularly for The Machinist, Batman Begins and, most recently, Rescue Dawn). Before he found success in playing Batman, he was heavily involved in independent films. 
Bale first caught the public eye when he was cast in the starring role of Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun at the age of 13. Since then, Read his whole biography , he has portrayed a wide range of characters

Filmography Christian Bale

Public Enemies - Drama

Public Enemies

July 2009
3:10 To Yuma - Action

3:10 To Yuma

May 2008