Bradley Cooper

Filmography Bradley Cooper

Date of birth: 05/01/75 (46 years)
 Nationality: United States

Bradley Cooper has made a Hollywood career of playing the jerk-next-door, but with 2009's blockbuster The Hangover, the rugged, handsome actor proved he had the makings of a leading man.  
Really, Cooper was always a scene-stealer-in-the-making: Before starring in the third highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time, he pined for Jennifer Garner on spy drama Alias, cooked up charming sarcasm in TV's Kitchen Confidential and, in 2005, laughingly bullied the Wedding Crashers as Rachel McAdams's bad-guy fiancé.  
Now in demand (he's starring in The A-Team a Read his whole biography and a Hangover sequel), Cooper has gained attention off screen for his Casanova ways. After being spotted on a dinner date with Jennifer Aniston, Cooper globe-trotted from D.C. and New York to Paris and Barcelona with Renée Zellweger

Filmography Bradley Cooper

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