Filmography Amy Adams

Redhead Amy Adams burst onto Hollywood's radar as Leonardo DiCaprio's fiancée in 2002's Catch Me If You Can, nabbed Oscar acclaim with the 2005 indie Junebug, and cashed-in at the box office as the half-animated Disney princess Giselle in 2007's Enchanted.  
Born in Italy and raised in Colorado, Adams won a small role in the 1999 beauty pageant spoof, Drop Dead Gorgeous, where costar Kirstie Alley encouraged the newbie to pursue acting in Hollywood. Since then, Adams, who has plans to marry actor Darren Le Gallo, earned her second Academy Award nomination for Doubt.

Filmography Amy Adams

Her - Comedy
March 2014


Comedy Directed by: Spike JonzeWith: Olivia Wilde, Amy Adams, Rooney Mara,...Set in Los Angeles in the slight future, "Her" follows Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), a complex, soulful man who makes his living writing touching, personal letters for other people. Heartbroken after the end of a long relationship, he becomes intrigued with a new, advanced operating system, which... Read more...
The Master - Drama
March 2013

The Master

Drama Directed by: Paul Thomas AndersonWith: Amy Adams, Joaquin Phoenix,...A 1950s-set drama centered on the relationship between a charismatic intellectual known as "the Master" whose faith-based organization begins to catch on in America, and a young drifter who becomes his right-hand man.
The Muppets - Family, Comedy
February 2012

The Muppets

Family, Comedy Directed by: James BobinWith: Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo,...When Walter, the world's biggest Muppet fan, and friends Gary (Jason Segel) and Mary (Amy Adams) discover the nefarious plan of oilman Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) to raze the Muppet Theater, they help Kermit reunite the Muppets to stage The Greatest Muppet Telethon Ever and raise the $10 million... Read more...
Doubt - Drama
February 2009


Drama Directed by: John Patrick ShanleyWith: Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffmann, Amy Adams,...It's 1964, St. Nicholas in the Bronx. A vibrant, charismatic priest, Father Flynn (Academy Award® winner Philip Seymour Hoffman), is trying to upend the schools' strict customs, which have long been fiercely guarded by Sister Aloysius Beauvier (Academy Award® winner Meryl Streep), the iron-gloved... Read more...

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