Directed by : Alexandra Leclère
Release date: 15 December 2021
Genre: Comedy
Country : France
Original language: French


When Chantal and Christian's grown children finally break away from the nest, the lonely parents are outraged to be neglected and forgotten... until they come up with a wacky scheme to get Sandrine and Stephane interested in them again: pretend they've won the lottery! They have a blast pretending to be multi-millionaires, and the ruse works like a charm. Their starry-eyed kids practically throw their lives away just to be close to them. But then they demand to live the high life too, and Chantal and Christian are forced to pay up, even though it's way more than they can afford. Soon they get so caught up in the lie, there's no way out. The situation snowballs out of control but coming clean could mean losing them forever. How will they ever find a way to tell the truth?


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