erial Teachers are back and on Her Majesty's secret service! Having turned around the worst high school in France, the baddest teachers the world has ever seen are called in to inspire Vivienne, the Queen of England's granddaughter and best kept secret in the kingdom. The future of the realm depends on their success. 
Accompanied by inveterate high school dropout Boulard, The Profs start work at Haorwthfulss, an elite establishment for only the very best students. Multiply two negatives and you get a positive, but a minus times a plus leaves a minus! Absolutely nothing goes to plan. Their British pupils don't fall for the educational SWAT team's "French touch," but the princess falls in love with a frog—Boulard!—and runs away. 
It will take the combined genius of our seven heroes, and maybe even a miracle, to reconcile reasons of state and reasons of the heart.

"Les Profs 2"

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