Filmography Isabelle Nanty

Isabelle Nanty (born 21 January 1962 in Verdun, Meuse) is a French actress and film director.  
She played the part of Georgette in the 2000 French film Amélie and Isabelle in La Belle Histoire (1992).  
She played the lead in the popular French comedy Les Tuche, directed by Olivier Baroux, as the mother of a family winning the Euro lottery and moving from poverty in the French countryside to a wealthy life in Monaco.

Filmography Isabelle Nanty

Cendrillon au Far West - Animation (modern)
July 2012

Cendrillon au Far West

Animation (modern) Directed by: Pascal HéroldFrom fairy tales by Perrault and the Grimm brothers to the Walt Disney production, there have been a thousand ways for Cinderella to suffer humiliation at the hands of her sisters and unfair treatment from her stepmother. Cinderella, as a character, will never go away and in this new picture, the... Read more...

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