Amanda Seyfried plays Sophie Hall, an aspiring magazine writer, who with her boyfriend Victor (Gael Garcia Bernal) flies from New York to Italy for some much-needed romance. While Victor is off tending to some business, Sophia finds herself in the famous Verona courtyard of the star-crossed lover Juliet Capulet of Romeo and Juliet where woman from all over the world leave Juliet letters of love lost and hoped for. She discovers a 50-year-old letter written to Juliet by Claire Smith (Vanessa Redgrave) searching for a young Italian who romanced her as a teen. 
To Sophie's surprise, her letter inspires Claire, now a grandmother, to travel to Verona in search of her long-lost love (Nero). Accompanied by her grandson Charlie (Egan), the threesome search all over Tuscany and discover that the courage for all of them to deal with love is not easily won.  
But her impetus for embarking on her adventure is, in her mind, to further her career. Being a fact checker and wanting to be a journalist is a large leap and Sophie senses a story that will propel her career. Once she gets caught up in helping Claire with a second chance she discovers that the story she was chasing was because she was running from the stories of her life.

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