• 18 June 2014
  • 96 minutes
  • United Kingdom, France, United States (2013)


Athens, 1962. When American tour guide and harmless con artist Rydal first catches sight of Colette, she is strolling alongside a wealthy older businessman at the Acropolis. A short while later he meets her. Colette and her husband Chester MacFarland invite him for a meal during which the young man is entranced by the couple's fine manners. An accident at the hotel puts all three in danger. As they escape together across the Greek islands and villages, the couple come to depend on Rydal who speaks fluent Greek and knows people who can help them. Noticing Rydal's attraction to his wife, Chester MacFarland would much rather be alone with Colette. Before long, MacFarland drops the mask of the fine gentleman and shows his true colours.

PhotoGallery "The Two Faces of January" (5)

The Two Faces of January - Picture 1 The Two Faces of January - Picture 2 The Two Faces of January - Picture 3 The Two Faces of January - Picture 4 The Two Faces of January - Picture 5

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