Directed by : Stephen Frears
Release date: 15 September 2010
Duration: 109 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Country : United Kingdom (2010)
Original language: English


This is the contemporary tale of a Londoner returning home to the country - and to her past. Tamara, once a shy, ugly teenager, has reinvented herself as a smouldering femme fatale. When she returns to her old village to sell her late mother's house, she is barely recognisable to the locals - or to her old flame Andy - and she kick-starts a trail of envy, lust, scandal and gossip wherever she goes. But has she really forgotten who she is - and who she loved? 
Tamara is the ultimate modern girl; but for all her independence, ambition and sex appeal it's actually the vulnerable, shy fish-out-of-water underneath that make her story funny, moving and very human.


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