• 22 January 2014
  • 99 minutes
  • France (2012)
  • French


At the age of 30, Max has already created his own website, sold it, become a millionaire, taken of on a journey around the globe and nowadays... he's bored. One day, when watching a documentary on television, he recognizes his adolescent love on the verge of being fired because the company she's working for has gone bankrupt. Max decides to buy the company to get closer to her. But money can't buy everything and Max will have to face a series of obstacles before he can conquer his love and give a real meaning to his life...

"Prêt à Tout"

PhotoGallery "Prêt à Tout" (6)

Prêt à Tout - Picture 1 Prêt à Tout - Picture 2 Prêt à Tout - Picture 3 Prêt à Tout - Picture 4 +1Prêt à Tout - Picture 5 Prêt à Tout - Picture 6

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