• 9 November 2011
  • 110 minutes
  • Belgium (2011)
  • Dutch


Tony Roozen, a twenty-five-year-old salesman, is about to marry the love of his life... But then his boss launches a one-week-only-competition where the agent who sells the most products will get a large bonus and a convertible car—and the loser will get fired. The product? "Porki" is a revolutionary metal robotic pig whose noises and vibrations can stimulate farm pigs to mate more. It's like pig Viagra. It's going to take a very skilled salesman to pull it off. En route to sell, Tony gets stuck in Madonna, an isolated and scenic village paralyzed by a conflict concerning a new road to be built. The local schoolteacher, Maria, the dead soldiers and an explosive Madonna statue confront him with choosing between love and a safe, empty existence full of useless goals such as selling a metal gigolo-pig.

"Het Varken van Madonna"

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Het Varken van Madonna - Picture 1 Het Varken van Madonna - Picture 2 Het Varken van Madonna - Picture 3 Het Varken van Madonna - Picture 4 Het Varken van Madonna - Picture 5

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