Original title : Bécassine !
Directed by : Bruno Podalydès
Release date: 20 June 2018
Duration: 91 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Country : France (2018)
Original language: French


Becassine was born in a small french Britanny farm, on a day where woodcocks were flying over the village. Once adult, her childish naivety remains intact. She dreams to reach Paris but her meeting with Loulotte, a small baby adopted by the Marquise of Grand-Air, will disrupt her life. She becomes her nurse and a great complicity settles between the two of them. A happy breeze reigns in the manor. But for how long ? The debts grow up and the arrival of an unreliable Greek puppeteer will not make any difference. But once again Becassine will prove that she is the woman of the situation.


Bécassine! .


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