Schedules for Imagix Tournai

Boulevard Delwart, 60 - 7500 Tournai 0900/20900
Sun Children

Sun Children

 Directed by: Majid Majidi12-year-old Ali and his three friends, together they work hard to survive and support their families. In a turn of events that seems miraculous, Ali is entrusted to find hidden treasure underground. Trailers
Today - Imagix Tournai ( Tuesday).
Un Monde - Drama

Un Monde

Drama Directed by: Laura WandelSet in Belgium, the film follows 7-year-old Nora and her big brother Abel going back to school. When Nora witnesses Abel being bullied by other kids, she rushes to protect him by warning their father. But Abel forces her to remain silent. Caught in a conflict of loyalty, Nora will ultimately try to... Read more... Trailers
Today - Imagix Tournai ( Wednesday).
The Innocents - Drama, Thriller

The Innocents

Drama, Thriller Directed by: Eskil VogtDuring the bright Nordic summer, a group of children reveal their dark and mysterious powers when the adults aren't looking. In this original and gripping supernatural thriller, playtime takes a dangerous turn. Trailers
Today - Imagix Tournai ( Thursday).

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