Filmography Nicolas Duvauchelle

Filmography Nicolas Duvauchelle

The Red Collar - Drama
March 2018

The Red Collar

Drama Directed by: Jean BeckerWith: François Cluzet, Nicolas Duvauchelle,...In a small town, crushed by the heat of summer, in 1919, a war hero was held prisoner in a deserted barracks. In front of the door, his whipped dog barks day and night. Not far away, in the countryside, a young woman worn out by the work of the land, too educated to be a simple peasant, wait and... Read more...
Mariage à Mendoza - Comedy
January 2013

Mariage à Mendoza

Comedy Directed by: Edouard DelucWith: Nicolas Duvauchelle & Benjamin BiolayMarcus and his brother Antoine arrive in Argentina. They are here for a few days, for the wedding of their cousin and they also count on using the time to discover the joys of the capital, Buenos Aires. Marcus is cheerful but Antoine has just been dumped. Marcus will do anything to lift the spirits... Read more...

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