Filmography Simon Abkarian

Filmography Simon Abkarian

The Cut - Drama
June 2015

The Cut

Drama Directed by: Fatih AkinWith: Tahar Rahim, Simon Abkarian, Makram KhouryThis film is based on the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire 1915, which resulted in the forced migration and diaspora of the Armenian minority. One day a young family man, Nazaret Manoogian, gets deported by the Turkish authorities together with all the other Armenian men from his native... Read more...
De Force - Action, Crime
October 2011

De Force

Action, Crime Directed by: Frank HenryWith: Isabelle Adjani, Eric Cantona, Simon AbkarianManuel Makarov is a well-known robber who has been waiting 7 years in prison to be released on parole. One day, Clara Damico, the head of the anti-crime unit, offers him freedom in exchange for infiltrating a gang known as "The All Blacks". Makarov turns down the offer so Damico organises his... Read more...
Khamsa - Action
October 2008


Action Directed by: Karim DridiWith: Marc Cortes, Raymond Adam, Simon Abkarian,...After fleeing from his foster family, Khamsa returns to the gypsy camp, where he was born thirteen years ago. Nothing seems to have changed since he was forced to leave, the late night card games, the diving in the Mediteranean sea, the rooster fights... Khamsa is home again. Until his best... Read more...

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