Filmography Miranda July

Miranda July (born February 15, 1974) is a performing artist, writer, actress and film director. Born Miranda Jennifer Grossinger, she works under the surname of "July," which can be traced to a character from a "girlzine" Miranda created with high school friend Johanna Fateman, called Snarla.

Filmography Miranda July

The Future - Drama
November 2011

The Future

Drama Directed by: Miranda JulyWith: Miranda July, David Warshofsky, Isabella Acres"Sophie and Jason are strange the way all couples are strange when they're alone. They live in a small LA apartment, have jobs they hate, and in one month they'll adopt a stray cat named Paw Paw. Like a newborn baby, he'll need around-the-clock care - he may die in six months, or it may take five... Read more...

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