Filmography : Isabel Coixet

Filmography isabel coixet

Un Amor
June 2024

Un Amor

 Directed by: Isabel CoixetEscaping her overwhelming life in the city, thirty-year-old Natalia finds refuge in a small village deep in the Spanish countryside. When confronted with the hostility of her landlord and the distrust of the local villagers, Nat finds herself giving in to an unsettling sexual proposal from her... Read more...
Elegy - Drama
October 2008


Drama Directed by: Isabel CoixetWith: Ben Kingsley, Penélope Cruz, Dennis HopperDriven by Isabel Coixet's visually assured and deeply observant direction, ELEGY charts the passionate relationship between a celebrated college professor and a young woman whose beauty both ravishes and destabilizes him. As their intimate connection transforms them-more than either could imagine-a... Read more...

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