Filmography Emily Mortimer

Filmography Emily Mortimer

The Party - Drama, Comedy
December 2017

The Party

Drama, Comedy Directed by: Sally PotterWith: Patricia Clarkson, Bruno Ganz, Emily Mortimer,...Janet has just been appointed minister in the shadow cabinet - the crowning achievement of her political career. She and her husband Bill plan to celebrate this with a few close friends. The guests arrive at their home in London but the party takes an unexpected turn for the worse when Bill... Read more...
Harry Brown - Thriller, Drama
April 2010

Harry Brown

Thriller, Drama Directed by: Daniel BarberWith: Michael Caine & Emily MortimerSet in modern day Britain, HARRY BROWN follows one man's journey through a chaotic world where teenage violence runs rampant. As a modest, law abiding citizen, Brown lives alone. His only companion is his best friend Leonard. When Leonard is killed, Brown reaches his breaking point. HARRY BROWN is... Read more...

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