Filmography Hiam Abbass

Date of birth: 30/11/60 (59 years)
 Nationality: Israel

Hiam Abbass (?born November 30, 1960), also Hiyam Abbas, is a Palestinian actress and film director. 
Hiam Abbass was born into a Muslim family in Nazareth, Israel. She was raised in a traditional Muslim village near the Lebanese border. 
During the filming of the Steven Spielberg film Munich, Abbass lived in a hotel with the Arab and Israeli actors for three months. During that time, they had many discussions that "helped both sides grow closer." In an interview in 2006, Abbass said, "I still remember how difficult it was for the Arab actors to manhandl Read his whole biography le the Israeli actors in the first scene where the Israeli national team is taken hostage.

Filmography Hiam Abbass

Dégradé - Drama