Filmography Rafe Spall

Rafe Joseph Spall (born 10 March 1983) is an English actor on both stage and screen. He is perhaps best known for his titular role in Channel 4's Pete Versus Life and his roles in One Day, Anonymous, and the Ridley Scott film Prometheus. He recently played in the 2012 film Life of Pi.

Filmography Rafe Spall

X+Y - Drama, Comedy
August 2015


Drama, Comedy Directed by: Morgan MatthewsWith: Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall, Sally HawkinsIn a world difficult to comprehend, Nathan struggles to connect with those around him - most of all his loving mother - but finds comfort in numbers. When Nathan is taken under the wing of unconventional and anarchic teacher, Mr. Humphreys, the pair forge an unusual friendship and Nathan's talents... Read more...

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