Filmography Mathilde Seigner

Filmography Mathilde Seigner

Ibiza - Comedy
July 2019


Comedy Directed by: Arnaud LemortWith: Christian Clavier, Mathilde Seigner, JoeyStarrPhilippe and Carole, both divorced, have just met. Very in love, Philippe is ready to do anything to put the two teenagers of Carole in the pocket. He offers a deal to the eldest son: if he has his baccalaureate, he chooses their vacation spot. And it will be - Ibiza. But for Philippe, rather used... Read more...
Edmond - Drama, Comedy
January 2019


Drama, Comedy Directed by: Alexis MichalikWith: Thomas Solivérès, Olivier Gourmet,...December 1897, Paris. Edmond Rostand is not yet thirty but already two children and a lot of anxieties. He has not written anything for two years. In desperation, he offers the great Constant Coquelin a new play, a heroic comedy, in verse, for the holidays. Only concern: it is not written yet.... Read more...

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