Filmography Alexandra Lamy

Filmography Alexandra Lamy

Chamboultout - Comedy
April 2019


Comedy Directed by: Eric LavaineWith: Alexandra Lamy, José Garcia, Nuno LopesBeatrice celebrates with her family the release of her book: she tells about the accident of her husband Frederic. He became blind and without filter - always so funny and seductive, he is totally unpredictable. But this book, hymn-to-life, will turn into a joyful fist because if Beatrice changed... Read more...
Le Poulain - Comedy
September 2018

Le Poulain

Comedy Directed by: Mathieu SapinWith: Alexandra Lamy, Finnegan Oldfield,...Arnaud Jaurès, 25 years, novice in politics, incorporates by a competition of circumstances the team of campaign of a candidate in the presidential election. He became the assistant to Agnes Karadzic, Director of Communication, a woman of power and experience which attracts and fascinates. Without... Read more...
Cendrillon au Far West - Animation (modern)
July 2012

Cendrillon au Far West

Animation (modern) Directed by: Pascal HéroldFrom fairy tales by Perrault and the Grimm brothers to the Walt Disney production, there have been a thousand ways for Cinderella to suffer humiliation at the hands of her sisters and unfair treatment from her stepmother. Cinderella, as a character, will never go away and in this new picture, the... Read more...

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