• 7 November 2018
  • 135 minutes
  • France, Belgium (2018)
  • French


At the end of the years 50 in Châteauroux, Rachel, modest employee of office, meeting Philippe, brilliant young man, born to a bourgeois family. Of this connection passionate but brief will be born a small daughter, Chantal. Philippe refuses to marry outside of his social class. Rachel will have to raise his daughter alone. Regardless, for it Chantal is her great happiness, it is why she fights for that to default of the raise, Philippe gives her his name.A battle of more than ten years which will eventually break his life and the lives of his daughter.

PhotoGallery "Un Amour Impossible" (5)

Un Amour Impossible - Picture 1 Un Amour Impossible - Picture 2 Un Amour Impossible - Picture 3 Un Amour Impossible - Picture 4 Un Amour Impossible - Picture 5

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