Original title : The Hypnotist
Directed by : Lasse Hallström
Release date: 8 May 2013
Duration: 122 minutes
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama
Country : Sweden (2012)
Original language: Swedish


Detective Inspector Joona Linna has an eyewitness to a bestial slaughter of a 
family in the suburbs of Stockholm. The witness, the family's teenage son is 
barely alive and cannot be heard with conventional means. 
The eldest daughter is also mysteriously missing. It seems as if someone is 
trying to wipe out the whole family and Joona Linna fears that she can be the 
killer's next victim. 
Struggling against time, Linna persuades the questioned hypnotist 
Erik Maria Bark to make an attempt to reach out to the boy and make him talk 
under hypnosis. 
Erik Maria Bark breaks his solemn oath never to practise hypnosis again and a 
lethal voyage down to the bottomless darkness of the sub-conscious mind begins.


The Hypnotist .




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