• Tanguy, le Retour
  • 10 April 2019
  • 100 minutes
  • France (2019)
  • French


44-year-old Tanguy is devastated - his wife Mei Lin dumped him. So he does what everyone does and... goes back to his parents! With Zhu, his teenage daughter, he moves back with Edith and Paul. The concerned parents immediately welcome their offsprings. As weeks go by, Edith and Paul realise that Tanguy and Zhu are here to stay. The family nest is way too confortable...

"Tanguy, le Retour"

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Tanguy, le Retour - Picture 1 Tanguy, le Retour - Picture 2 Tanguy, le Retour - Picture 3 Tanguy, le Retour - Picture 4 Tanguy, le Retour - Picture 5

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