Directed by : Emir Kusturica
Release date: 13 February 2008
Duration: 126 minutes
Genre: Drama
Country : Bosnia (2007)
Original language: Serbo-Croatian


Tsane lives with his grandfather and their cow, Cvetka, on a remote hilltop. Except for their neighbor, Bosa, they are the village's only inhabitants. One day, Tsane's grandfather tells the young man that he is dying. He makes Tsane promise to go over the three hills into the nearest town and sell Cvetka at the market there. With the money, he must buy a religious icon, then anything he really wants, and finally he must find a wife to bring home. In town, Tsane easily fulfills the first parts of his promise but how is he going to get home with a wife before his granddad dies? That's when he meets Jasna, who's late for school as usual...



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