• 13 November 2019
  • 78 minutes
  • Belgium (2019)
  • Spanish


Guatemala, 2018. The country is riveted on the trial of the military officers who started the civil war. The victims' testimonials keep pouring in. Ernesto, a young anthropologist at the Forensic Foundation, identifies people who have gone missing. One day, through an old lady's story, Ernesto thinks he has found a lead that will allow him to find his father, a guerillero who disappeared during the war.

PhotoGallery "Nuestras Madres" (5)

Nuestras Madres - Picture 1 Nuestras Madres - Picture 2 Nuestras Madres - Picture 3 Nuestras Madres - Picture 4 Nuestras Madres - Picture 5

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