• 10 January 2018
  • 90 minutes
  • United Kingdom (2017)
  • English


Daphne is 31, too young to settle, too old to live aimlessly. Long nights, drink and a variety of lovers form a welcome distraction from the question: what do I want? An unexpected event forces her slowly but surely to confront her life. A confrontation with herself is inevitable. 
Daphne (31) is a real cynic when it comes to love, imprisoned in an existential vacuum. Armed with statements by philosopher Slavoj Žižek, she sharply and successfully fends off any form of emotional approach. Apparently aimlessly, she roams around her far-from-exciting life: working in a hip restaurant, grumbling at her sick mother, casual sex and lots of drink, which she uses to keep the increasingly urgent questions of life and emotion that plague her at bay. Then a dramatic event suddenly changes her from a spectator into a participant, and her remorseless armour bursts open. 
In this subdued drama, with a touch of black humour, the camera follows Daphne (Emily Beecham) closely, capturing the subtle emotions of this recalcitrant, potty-mouthed yet vulnerable thirty-something and the nuances of the undefined yet familiar world around her.

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