Directed by : Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Release date: 6 May 2015
Duration: 94 minutes
Genre: Drama
Country : Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Morocco (2014)
Original language: Arabic


ATLANTIC. tells the story of Fettah, a young man who lives in a Moroccan coastal village where every summer, loads of hip and beautiful Europeans come to windsurf and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle. Fettah is one of the locals who helps them and looks after their needs. During one particularly memorable summer, Fettah befriends Alexandra (Thekla Reuten), a beautiful European woman. When she leaves to go back home, his little village becomes like a prison to him and he decides to embark on a treacherous and solitary windsurfing voyage to Europe. Every wave, every turn, every day on this epic and life-altering journey brings Fettah new dangers as he tries to chart a new horizon for himself.


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