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Mon Crime - Melodrama

Mon Crime

Melodrama Directed by: François OzonWith: Dany Boon, Isabelle Huppert, Fabrice LuchiniIn 1930s Paris, Madeleine Verdier, a young, pretty, penniless and untalented actress, is accused of murdering a famous producer. With the help of her best friend Pauline, a young unemployed lawyer, she is acquitted in self-defense. A new life of fame and success begins, until the truth comes to... Read more... Trailers
Today - UGC De Brouckere
  • 19:30 FV Nl sub.
  • 22:00 FV Nl sub.
  • Tuesday 4 April
  • Sunday 2 April
  • Monday 3 April
  • Friday 31 March
  • Saturday 1 April

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