Filmography Yolande Moreau

Filmography Yolande Moreau

Cleo - Drama
November 2019


Drama Directed by: Eva CoolsWith: Anna Franziska Jäger, Yolande Moreau,...Cleo is trying to pick her life back up after a devastating car crash which kills her parents. She is raised with her brother by their grandmother and meets an older guy in a night club who seems to understand the struggle she is in.
Voyage en Chine - Drama
June 2015

Voyage en Chine

Drama Directed by: Zoltan MayerWith: Yolande Moreau, Jing Jing Qu, Dong Fu LinLiliane, a provincial nurse in her peaceful fifties, must cope with the accidental death of her son in China. She decides to fly there in order to repatriate the body. This mourning journey will soon turn out to be a trip of discovery of her son whom she didn't see for years and a trip to make a... Read more...
Henri - Drama
December 2013


Drama Directed by: Yolande MoreauWith: Pippo Delbono, Miss Ming, Jackie BerroyerHenri and his wife Rita, in their fifties, run a small restaurant on a B road in Belgium. When Rita dies suddenly, Henri's life is turned upside down. Rosette, a slighlty mentally handicapped young girl he hires to help in the restaurant, will stir him and bring him back to life...
Cendrillon au Far West - Animation (modern)
July 2012

Cendrillon au Far West

Animation (modern) Directed by: Pascal HéroldFrom fairy tales by Perrault and the Grimm brothers to the Walt Disney production, there have been a thousand ways for Cinderella to suffer humiliation at the hands of her sisters and unfair treatment from her stepmother. Cinderella, as a character, will never go away and in this new picture, the... Read more...

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