Filmography : Shana Feste

Filmography shana feste

Endless Love - Drama, Romantic

Endless Love

Drama, Romantic Directed by: Shana FesteWith: Alex Pettyfer & Robert PatrickEndless Love stars Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike) and Gabriella Wilde (The Three Musketeers) in the story of a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by parents trying to keep them apart.
Country Strong - Drama, Musical
May 2011

Country Strong

Drama, Musical Directed by: Shana FesteWith: Tim McGraw, Gwyneth Paltrow, Leighton MeesterA drama centered on a rising country-music songwriter (Hedlund) who sparks with a fallen star (Paltrow). Together, they mount his ascent and her comeback, which leads to romantic complications involving her husband/manager (McGraw) and a beauty queen-turned-singer (Meester).

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