Filmography Matteo Simoni

Matteo Simoni (3 september 1987) is a Dutch actor.

Filmography Matteo Simoni

October 2022


 Directed by: Robin ProntWith: Matteo Simoni, Jonas Vermeulen, Charlotte Timmers,...Zillion tells the epic story of the rise and fall of the country's biggest disco ever. In an age when 'the sky was the limit', in a universe where sex & drugs, techno and most of all loads of money circulate freely, the protagonists go is search of fame and kicks, alongside respect and love. The... Read more...
Rookie - Drama
September 2021


Drama Directed by: Lieven Van BaelenWith: Matteo Simoni, Veerle Baetens,...The story of Nicky, a young ambitious and confident pure blooded motorcyclist. When he gets into an accident, his world crumbles apart, not sure whether he'll ever be able to race again. But the adrenaline junkie inside him rears his ugly head and Nicky tries to relive his dream by coaching his... Read more...
Missing Link - Comedy, Adventure, Animation (modern)
April 2019

Missing Link

Comedy, Adventure, Animation (modern) Directed by: Chris ButlerMr. Link recruits explorer Sir Lionel Frost to help find his long-lost relatives in the fabled valley of Shangri-La. Along with adventurer Adelina Fortnight, this trio of explorers travel the world to help their new friend.

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