Filmography : Laure Calamy

Filmography laure calamy

Louloute - Drama
August 2021


Drama Directed by: Hubert VielWith: Laure Calamy & Hugo ClairefondLouise revisits her childhood, between sleep and wake, when her family decides to sell their farm. 20 years ago, she was Louloute, a mischievous and exuberant little girl, helping her father with their farm, fighting with her siblings and worrying her mother... When the family's debts accumulate... Read more...
Nos Batailles
October 2018

Nos Batailles

 Directed by: Guillaume SenezWith: Romain Duris, Laure Calamy, Lucie Debay,...Olivier is struggling within his undertaking to combat the injustices. But overnight when Laura, his wife, leave the home, he must reconcile education of children, family life and professional activity. To face up to his new responsibilities, he must battle to find a new balance, because Laura does... Read more...
Roulez Jeunesse - Comedy
July 2018

Roulez Jeunesse

Comedy Directed by: Julien GuettaWith: Eric Judor, Laure Calamy, Brigitte RoüanAlex, 43 years, lead a towing service in the garage that is instructed by iron hand of his mother. One day, he help a young woman with her car and spends the night at her home, but in the morning she has disappeared leaving him on the arm three children.

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