Filmography : Koen Mortier

Filmography koen mortier

Skunk - Drama
March 2024


Drama Directed by: Koen MortierWith: Thibaud Dooms, Natali Broods, Dirk RoofthooftSKUNK follows Liam, a neglected teenager who grows up in a family where drugs and violence play the main role. His destructive home is soon exchanged for a juvenile institution that also has its own rules and abuses. Even though he finds solace with his counselors, the past continues to haunt him...... Read more...
Home - Drama
January 2017


Drama Directed by: Fien TrochWith: Sebastian Van Dun, Loïc Batog, Karlijn Sileghem,...Home focuses on a group of youngsters and the adults that surround them. Both find it difficult to communicate and to understand each other's closed-off world. Into this community of two struggling generations arrives 17-year-old Kevin. He starts an apprenticeship at his aunt's store and moves in... Read more...
22nd of May - Drama
November 2010

22nd of May

Drama Directed by: Koen MortierWith: Sam Louwyck, Titus De Voogdt, Steffi Peeters,...Sam wakes up, gets ready and goes to do his daily job. And then the unexpected happens. A bomb explodes in the center of the shopping mall where he works. He drags himself towards the entrance to save the victims. One by one he pulls them out, until something terrible takes place. In complete... Read more...

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