Filmography : Jo Deseure

Filmography jo deseure

Une Vie Démente - Comedy
September 2021

Une Vie Démente

Comedy Directed by: Ann Sirot & Raphaël BalboniWith: Jean Le Peltier, Jo Deseure, Lucie DebayAlex and Noémie want to have a child. But when Suzanne, Alex's hip mother, becomes increasingly eccentric, things get complicated. Between the child they want and the one Suzanne becomes, everything gets mixed up. This is the turbulent journey of a couple who discovers parenthood in reverse!
Un Homme à la Mer - Drama
June 2016

Un Homme à la Mer

Drama Directed by: Géraldine DoignonWith: Yoann Blanc & Jo DeseureMathieu is a marine biologist. He spends his time on his microscope, sliding tiny marine organisms corpses. He's unhappy. His true wish would have been being on the sea. An event will abruptly change his life : Christine, his mother in law, runs away. Impressed and touched by this impulsion,... Read more...

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