Filmography Jeroen Perceval

Filmography Jeroen Perceval

Home - Drama
January 2017


Drama Directed by: Fien TrochWith: Sebastian Van Dun, Loïc Batog, Karlijn Sileghem,...Home focuses on a group of youngsters and the adults that surround them. Both find it difficult to communicate and to understand each other's closed-off world. Into this community of two struggling generations arrives 17-year-old Kevin. He starts an apprenticeship at his aunt's store and moves in... Read more...
Paradise Trips - Drama
August 2015

Paradise Trips

Drama Directed by: Raf ReyntjensWith: Gene Bervoets, Jeroen Perceval,...Holiday bus driver Mario has spent his entire life shuttling old age pensioners to the sunny south with his own travel company 'Paradise Trips'. Today, on the verge of his own retirement, Mario has to bring a motley crew of alternative partygoers to a psychedelic festival in Croatia. The journey... Read more...

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