Filmography Jennifer Carpenter

Jennifer Leann Carpenter (born December 7, 1979) is an American actress, known for her portrayal of Emily Rose in The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Debra Morgan on Dexter, and the lead role in the 2008 horror movie Quarantine.

Filmography Jennifer Carpenter

Gone - Thriller
June 2012


Thriller Directed by: Heitor DhaliaWith: Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Carpenter, Wes BentleyJill Parrish (Amanda Seyfried) comes home from a night shift to discover her sister Molly (Emily Wickersham) has been abducted. Jill, having escaped from a kidnapping a year before, is convinced that the same serial killer has come back and taken Molly. Since the killer leaves no trace, the police... Read more...

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