Filmography Evangeline Lilly

Date of birth: 03/08/79 (40 years)
 Nationality: Canada

For Evangeline Lilly fame came without the pre-requisite years of endless auditions. About six weeks after she decided to pursue acting in 2004, the former Sunday school teacher won the role of Kate, a castaway with a checkered past, on ABC's Lost.  
Before filming the hit drama with costar and real-life love Dominic Monaghan, the Canadian beauty was a devout Baptist girl who spent time living in a grass hut as a missionary in the Philippines. Although fame came quickly, she hasn't let her Golden Globe nod and Emmy win get to her head: after the first season of Lost, Lilly Read his whole biography trekked to Rwanda to return to her missionary roots

Filmography Evangeline Lilly

Real Steel - Action, Science Fiction

Real Steel

Action, Science Fiction 
November 2011