Filmography Carlo Boszhard

Date of birth: 26/06/69 (50 years)
 Nationality: Netherlands

Carlo Boszhard (born 26 June 1969) is a Dutch TV personality, singer, impersonator, and host. His brother is Ron Boszhard. 
His career started in 1989, hosting a part of the AVRO program "Pauze TV" (Break TV). In 1990, he switched to RTL 4, where he would present "De gek van de week-show" (The nut of the week-show), which wasn't successful. In 1991, Boszhard joined Irene Moors in hosting the television program "Hitbingo", but his career took off in 1993 with RTL 4's Telekids, co-starring Irene Moors, which rendered them both and the television show famous in the Netherlands Read his whole biography s. 
His shows include Cash en Carlo, a Dutch adaptation of the American television game show, The Price Is Right, McCarlo and Monte Carlo, both of which featured Carlo singing with guest talents, and more notably, Life en Cooking for RTL 4. 
Boszhard was a voice actor for the Dutch language versions of movies like Mulan, Ice Age, The Magic Voyage and Shrek

Filmography Carlo Boszhard

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