Filmography : Camille Chamoux

Filmography camille chamoux

Larguées - Comedy
April 2018


Comedy Directed by: Eloïse LangWith: Camille Chamoux, Camille Cottin, Olivia CôteRose and Alice are two sisters very different. Rose is free and rock n roll. Alice is row and responsible. They are in agreement on nothing, to hand on the urgency of the morale of Françoise, their mother, freshly dropped by their father to a woman much younger.
Faut Pas Lui Dire - Comedy
January 2017

Faut Pas Lui Dire

Comedy Directed by: Solange CicurelWith: Jenifer Bartoli, Camille Chamoux,...The cousins Laura, Eve, Anouch and Yaél all have one thing in common: they lie, but always with the best of intentions! When Laura, Eve and Anouch find out, a few weeks before Yaël's wedding, that her perfect fiancé is cheating on her, they instantly agree: "Don't tell her".

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