Filmography Benoît Magimel

Benoît Magimel (born 11 May 1974 in Paris) is a French actor. A prolific actor who was 14 when he appeared in his first film, Magimel has starred in a variety of roles in French cinema. 
For a number of years, he lived with French actress Juliette Binoche, with whom he co-starred in 1999's Children of the Century and later had a daughter, Hannah, born in 1999. The relationship ended in 2003.

Filmography Benoît Magimel

Lola vers la mer - Drama
December 2019

Lola vers la mer

Drama Directed by: Laurent MicheliWith: Mya Bollaers & Benoît MagimelLola, 18 years old, bleach blonde hair, lives in a foster home with Samir, her only friend. Impulsive and lonely, she is trying to get her diploma as a veterinary assistant. When her mother passes away, her father Phillip makes sure that Lola will miss the ceremony. Two years before that, Philip... Read more...
Pour une Femme
July 2013

Pour une Femme

 Directed by: Diane KurysWith: Benoît Magimel, Mélanie Thierry, Sylvie TestudAnne has a very active imagination, which is only natural for a novelist. But, in her mid-thirties, she still knows nothing of her past. Because neither her father nor the sister would talk. Because it's not always better to know. After her mother passes away, Anne discovers photos and letters, and... Read more...

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