Filmography Sven De Ridder

Filmography Sven De Ridder

Bigfoot Junior - Animation (modern)
August 2017

Bigfoot Junior

Animation (modern) Directed by: Ben Stassen & Jérémie DegrusonTeenage outsider Adam sets out on an epic and daring quest to uncover the mystery behind his long-lost dad, only to find out that he is none other than the legendary Bigfoot! He has been hiding deep in the forest for years to protect himself and his family from HairCo., a giant corporation eager to... Read more...
The Reef (Shark Bait) - Animation (modern)
July 2007

The Reef (Shark Bait)

Animation (modern) Directed by: Howard E. Baker & John FoxAfter losing everything, a young fish, Pi, goes to live with his family on the Reef. There he meets the love of his life but finds that she already has the unwanted affections of a bully shark. He must follow his destiny to save her and rid the Reef of this menace for good. Written by C. Ambrose
Charlotte's Web - Animation (modern)
February 2007

Charlotte's Web

Animation (modern) Directed by: Gary WinickIn "Charlotte's Web," a very small pig finds that the most powerful force in the world is the bond of friendship. After young Fern (Dakota Fanning) rescues Wilbur the pig - who is almost sacrificed as the runt of the litter - he becomes the newest addition to the barnyard. Wilbur has a youthful... Read more...
Over the Hedge - Animation (modern)
July 2006

Over the Hedge

Animation (modern) Directed by: Tim JohnsonSpring has sprung, and Verne and his woodland friends awaken from their long winter's nap to discover that a tall, green "thing" has mysteriously cropped up right through the middle of their home. Enter RJ, an opportunistic raccoon, who explains that the world beyond the hedge is the "gateway to... Read more...

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